Dos Ojos Cenote

 Dos Ojos is the Spanish for " two eyes " as the large cavities formed by the cenotes of this land  can be seen from the sky as the shape of two eye-sockets.

It is one of the largest cave system in the area of the Riviera Maya, first  explored in the 80's located south of Playa del Carmen , about 20 minutes ride before Tulum.

The place is so famous for different reasons ! It offers amazing diving adventures for open water and advanced divers. But you may have seen it on TV !!!  It was  featured in the Imax movie "Journey  into  amazing caves"  in 2002 and in a part of the Hollywood  movie "The cave". It also hosted a  record-breaking free dive. Carlos Coste swam 150 meters (490 ft) on one breath and became the Guiness world record holder for "Longest distance swam underwater with one breath" from one to the other eye.

This wonderful place is also great for snorkeling as it offers crystal clear water and large open water , ideal to enjoy a nice refreshing swim , admiring stalactites and stalagmites in both eyes.

Cavern diving is a must do in this system as it gives a lot of possibilities like easy and shallow dives using the first eye as the main entrance for both dives.

 The first one is the Barbie Line , performed in the direction of the second eye , offering plenty of day light and large tunnels , stunning "against the light" views of thick columns.

The second dive take you to the bat cave ! Smaller tunnels and ups and downs with less light lead you to a stunning chamber decorated with millions of stalactites in between which bats like to hang.

The maximum depth is about 9 meters in both dives and dive time can be extended to one hour for the Barbie line.

Another  exceptional dive takes place in The Pit, the 3rd longest underwater cave in the world. This is the most adventurous cavern dive of the area , reserved for advanced divers only. For a long time the access of the pit was very challenging so very few group of divers would go there. In 2012 , the stairs were finally built and allowed more people to discover it.

Being the deepest part of Dos Ojos system ,it is also the deepest cave discovered in the state of Quintana Roo so far. It has a maximum depth of 120 meters or 400 feet.

As you go on a sunny day , your descent will follow the sunbeams that create an amazing curtain of light before reaching the cloud of hydrogen sulphide at 30 meters or 100 feet down. A small island also appears from the cloud. It is magical and totally surreal !!! You will cross the cloud and check out the amazing light effects when looking back at the surface . The ascent will be slow, like a spiral shape performed as multi level, swimming along the walls in this huge well , while you can admire stalactites and the mark of the different levels of water revealing the story of our planet.You may feel tiny at the safety stop when looking down and around in this beautiful cenote !!

Any ways ,you wont regret the visit in Dos ojos as beginners or advanced divers , that s for sure !