Cenote Tajma Ha

The Mayan name of this particular cenote was inspired by the famous world wonder white marble palace Taj Mahal  in India.

This means that you have to be ready for an exceptional cavern dive !

This unique place to explore is located about 26 km south of Playa del Carmen and the parking lot is 2 km away from the entrance by the highway 307. Tables are very handy to let the groups of divers set up their equipment comfortably.

This special cavern dive will take you through three different cenotes !

You will start from the only accessible water entrance  in the cenote Tajma Ha. By following your professional full cave guide to the small air dome "points of lights" , very soon you will be impressed by the breathtaking light effects that can offer a morning cavern dive on a  bright sunny day . Admire this natural laser show provided by few small collapses of the cavern ceiling .

Continue to look around and point your dive light on the cenote walls and floor to focus on the many speleothems: numerous well preserved stalactites and thick stalagmites are part of the scenery.

As you will go deeper in the wide tunnel you will notice a dense halocline , the interface created by a change in the water salinity . To perfectly see this special effect , look on your left or right side , not just behind your guide or your dive buddy as your vision could be disturbed. You will slowly dive just above or below the layer of the salt water making your way through the cenote Sugar Bowl .

Once there you have the option to surface in this broad  well of light and check out the tree roots hanging from the walls. In the spring and summer ,look for the sacred bird of the Maya nesting in the cracks of the walls: the turquoise browed motmot bird with is weird bare shafted racquet tip long tail.

The second part of the cavern dive will lead you to the Emerald cenote where great colorful light effects could be observed , especially when the sun shines through the green plants of the Mayan jungle.

Many marine fossils could be seen on the way , representing millions years of our planet history.

As you go back to your same entry point , you will penetrate again the halocline and will have another great perspective of this amazing cavern.

The maximum depth is around 15 meters or 50 feet.


Please notice this important recommendation for your own safety and fun:  this cavern dive could be a bit tricky for beginners or for divers with sensitive ears due to its up and down profile. Remember to equalize early and often to avoid any discomfort and to keep a good control of your buoyancy.