Cave Diving

Cave Diving is a unique activity

In the Yucatan peninsula, and especially in the Riviera Maya, it is ideal for cave diving and exploration of underground river systems, for a long time, explorers from around the world have entered the dark underworld to reveal thousands of years of history and mysteries that have remained hidden for hundreds, thousands and even millions of years.

These tunnels and passages form an intricate network of underground rivers. Amazingly clear and relatively warm waters allow us to dive surrounded by amazing stalactites, stalagmites, columns, cascades, fossil coral and incredible lighting effects, produced by the sun's rays through the surface.

With maximum depths up to 24 meters or 80 ft , with an average depth of 12 meters or 40 ft allow long dives without decompression or decompression in some cases no more than 15 minutes.

The guided cave diving is highly recommended for those of you who wish a guarantee that you will find everything you came for and that you expect from our caves . Our knowledge of cave systems guarantees satisfaction.

We provide roundtrip transportation from and to Playa del Carmen, in air-conditioned vehicles . We also provide non-alcoholic beverages ( water and soda ) and snacks. We leave Playa del Carmen between 8 and 9 am , Once in the dive site, we give a detailed explanatory briefing about the different rules and standards in cave diving .